Kitchens are great places to listen to music. But counter-top radios and speakers can take up valuable space. The in-ceilings speakers in a multi-zone audio system provide great sound, which is heard but not seen!

Every great room deserves great audio. Beefy in-wall speakers produce ample high quality sound to fill this large space without occupying any space of their own.

Meticulous measurements and planning are required for a theatre room video wall. Here, the electrical back-boxes were strategically placed by considering the dimensions of the 5 TVs and how they would fit together on one wall. The necessary low-voltage wiring was done so this space could be controlled by a single remote or touchscreen, with all the audio equipment and video equipment out-of-sight in a separate mechanical room.

Maintaining clean lines was key to creating this elegant bedroom space, which is equipped with video, audio, lighting and shading integrated into a single automation system. This allowed the occupant to easily control the entire room from a universal remote control, an on-wall keypad and through voice, while enjoying high quality audio. Advanced features include having shades automatically adjust to optimize the heating and cooling in this space. The shades go down during the day when the TV is selected.